How To Survive Nasty Weather In Charlotte North Carolina

The weather in Charlotte North Carolina has always had a sense of unpredictability to it. One moment it can be excruciatingly hot and humid, and the next you can expect a cold torrential downpour. The seasons are constantly at war, and it can be hard just to survive the nasty weather when it does make its appearance on a yearly basis. The important thing is to stay safe out there no matter your location, and it all comes down to arming yourself with the right knowledge and skills.

1. You’ve been in a torrential rainstorm and the power is turned off and trees have been knocked down. What do you do next?

Fortunately, if you’re indoors there’s not much to worry about except the time you’ll spend without power on. In these instances, you should always have a flashlight and a candle burning at the ready with a couple of board games you can play with friends and family. If you have a cell phone, make sure you also have it ready in case of an emergency, and also place a call to your local power company to inquire about the wait time before power is turned back on.

2. You’re being warned about an impending hurricane in Charlotte. What do you do?

First thing’s first, and that’s grabbing some survival essentials such as nonperishable foodstuffs, a charger for your cell phone, magazines and books to keep you occupied, and most important of all, flashlights with batteries and plenty of candles. Follow the guidelines to stay safe during the hurricane issued by your local weather company, and make sure you don’t go out driving or take photographs of the hurricane while it’s coming towards you.

3. There’s a serious snowstorm coming and there’s a very good chance that the city will be without power. How do you get through it?

The most important thing is to stay warm and have plenty of food should you not have access to a restaurant or grocery store nearby. Since you’ll probably hear news of a snowstorm coming to your city, you can take the time to prepare. Unless you have a fireplace you can use, you’ll need to stay safe and warm by having weather appropriate clothing ready such as coats and snowshoes.

Now that you know how to handle three of the most important weather situations that may come to Charlotte North Carolina, you can stay safe and pass the time. Remember that different scenarios call for different forms of action, so make sure you stay on top of the weather and listen to professional advice whenever necessary.